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Mobile Marketing and Public Relations


The one-day Workshop that teaches busy PR and marketing people the secrets of Marketing and Public Relations that exploit smartphone mobile techniques and geo-location marketing.

There are now more mobile phones on the planet than there are people.  More than half of the billions of mobiles in use are smart phones capable of surfing the web.  It's crucially important that your website and your social media are mobile-friendly.  Equally crucial is the brand new science of geo-location marketing and PR.

Learn from not one but two expert professional presenters both with decades of marketing communications experience.  No technical knowledge is needed  - we speak plain English! 

Course content

   Mobile Marketing - the golden rules
   How mobile and location marketing are different
   Making sure your website is mobile friendly
   Making your social media campaigns are mobile friendly
   Case histories of successful mobile and Geo marketing
   Windows versus iPhone and Android
   Apps and App marketing
   Mobile search marketing and Mobile SEO
   Apps versus web marketing
   Geomarketing - the key
   "Places " - Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Windows
   Geo-based Public Relations

LEARNING OUTCOMES: After attending 'Mobile Marketing and Public Relations' you will be able to: 

Make your website mobile friendly
Plan and execute mobile social media campaigns
Understand WindowsPhone, iPhone and Android
Appreciate the power of Apps
Understand mobile search marketing and mobile SEO
Know the arguments for Apps versus Web marketing
Understand the basics of Geo marketing
Know how to use Geo systems like Foursquare
Understand how to use online PR campaigns
Know how to use the "places" functions of Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Windows. 
Understand the impact of social networking on PR







Who should attend
Anyone tasked with raising the media profile to gain recognition
for products, services or aims. 

Relevant job titles include:

Marketing Manager
Marketing Executive
Marketing Assistant 
MarComs Manager 
MarComs Executive

Relevant organisations include Small to Medium Enterprises,
commercial companies, Associations, Institutions and Charities. 








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